Heron Hill Winery Vidal Blanc

I love the process of making pies…

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I love the process of making pies…

Using a cool marble cutting board, chopping fresh fruit all while having a glass of wine while making my favorite pie; Strawberry Rhubarb. I am lucky enough to have my own huge patch of rhubarb growing in my back yard. It is a very plentiful patch that continues to grow and produce well into late September. Rhubarb is really a vegetable, but it acts more like a fruit. Be careful, because the leaves are poisonous. My uncle is also a strawberry grower, so that makes the month of June a great time to invite me to parties, as I usually bring my famous strawberry-rhubarb pie while toting along a bottle or two of my favorite dessert wine, Heron Hill Winery’s Late Harvest Vidal Blanc.

Heron Hill Wines

2007 Late Harvest Vidal Blanc

Wine Characteristics
This extraordinary late harvest wine exhibits peach and mango aromas with a hint of vanilla, balanced by an exotic, spicy finish that invites another taste.  All grapes are hand harvested with sorting done in the vineyard. Grapes are left sweet and dehydrated by several hard frosts before harvest.

Food Pairings
Like most dessert wines, this wine is meant to be enjoyed on its own after a meal or paired with desserts like stone fruit tarts, flan, bread pudding or goat cheese with walnuts and a honey drizzle.

Gold - Florida State Fair International Wine Competition
Gold, 90 Points - BTI World Wine Championships