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A Beginners Guide To Pie Baking

How do I make a great pie?
First, start with a great pie recipe. I'm sure some one in your family has a tradition of baking pies or has a pie recipe you remember eating around the holidays whether an aunt, grandmother, mother or father. If not, use one of the Pie Baker Pro recipes and start your own tradition. People who have a pie baking tradition usually love to share their recipes, techniques, and tricks - to what makes their pie so special.

Now that you have your recipe. Lets start with the first step, - the crust. Click here for the 1-2-3 steps to making a great pie.

Pie Crust:
Pie crusts are all very similar when it comes to ingredients (protein, fat, and in some cases sugar) Protein – this would be your flour See all about flour here to learn everything there is about flour.