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Pie Crust

Pie crust is the most defining part of any pie. It entices us, while immediately setting visions with expectations of wonderful satisfactions. When expectations are met a pie crust can lead us to great happiness enjoyment.

There is no mystery or hidden secret to making great tasting pie crust. In fact pie crust is as easy as 123

If you Don't have time to make your own pie crust -
Heres some great pre-made and pre-baked pie crusts to pick from.

Bulding blocks of Pie Crust

The 3 things that make up a pie crust are flour, fat, and liquid. That's all it is, So why does pie crust have the reputation of being difficult to make by hand?

Let's take a look:

Flour gives your pie crustr strength, structure, and elasticity. It's the binder that holds the other ingredients together and, It's, makes your pie crust a pie crust! When making pie crusts, we usually use regular all-purpose flour instead of cake or pastry flour because we want some gluten development for structure, but not too much.
Read: all about flour Remember - mechanical action creates gluten, so it's important not to over-handle the dough.

If you can't get pastry flour at your local grocery store - you can order it here at a great proce!

Pie & Pastry Flour - 25 Lb Pie & Pastry Flour: GR
Pie & Pastry Flour - 25 Lb Pie & Pastry Flour: GR


You can use butter, vegetable shortening, lard, or even oil in pie crust, each to a different effect. Butter provides the most flavor and a wonderful melting quality in the mouth, but it tends to not make the most tender pastry. Shortening and lard make a very tender pastry, but don't always have the best flavor for a sweet pie.
Also, if the fat is left in large pieces, the crust will be more flaky. If it's incorporated into the flower more thoroughly, the crust will be tender and crumbly.

The liquid in a pie crust creates the steam that lifts the pastry and creates flakes. It also gets absorbed into the flour, helping to create gluten. Too little liquid and the dough won't hold together, but add too much and you'll end up with a rock-hard crust!

It might sound odd to have salt in a sweet pie crust, but a pinch or two actually helps boost the flavour without making the crust taste salty.

Not all pie crusts have sugar, but those that do will be more tender since sugar interferes with gluten development. In our experience, sugar can also make the pie dough so tender that it's hard to roll out and transfer to your pan without breaking.

DiabetiSweet Original Sugar Substitute

DiabetiSweet Brown Sugar Substitute


Sugar in the Raw Sugar(Pack of 1200)
GREAT DEAL! Sugar in the Raw Sugar(Pack of 1200)

This makes the dough more pliable and easy to roll out. Eggs also make the crust more compact.

Acid and Alcohol:
Both acid and alcohol tenderize pie dough, make it easier to roll out, and prevent it from shrinking in your pan. If these things give you trouble, try substituting a teaspoon of the liquid with lemon juice or a tablespoon or two with liquor. Vodka is often used because it won't affect the flavor of the dough.


Tips and Tricks

• Fun Flaky and Tasty:
Leave butter, shortening, or lard in small pea sizes to make your crust flakier. Add salt to bring out taste. For easy rolling try replacing some liquid with lemon juice or liquour...

• Getting your crust in the pie pan:
Traditionally after rolling out the pie crust, you would roll part of the crust over a rolling pin, and then lay your crust in the pan or over the pie filling - gently letting it roll of your rolling pin. If your looking for rolling pins, here is a great classic Rolling Pin

Vic Firth 15x2.75-in. Classic Rolling Pin.

If you don't have a rolling pin, or find your crust tears when placing it in the pan, try pressing the pie dough into the pan. You can do this with your fingure tips. Be carful not to stretch the dough or it will shrink a little, especially from the sides. Here are some pie pans that might help.

Lincoln 9" Aluminum Pie Pan, Each, Silver

• Preventing pie cust edges from burning:
If you find the edges of your pie burn a little to easy. You can buy specialty items to help prevent this common problem. These pie crust protects are highly recommended

Doughmakers Pie Crust Protectors Set of 2
Doughmakers Pie Crust Protectors Set of 2

Pie crust is not just a science, it is a wonderful art form. So what is the perfect pie crust? That will depend on what kind of pie you'll want to bake. If your in to health, it may be a gluten free pie crust. If your the traditional type it might be pie crust made with lard or if your some where in between it could be any number of pie crusts.

Perfect Pie crust

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